Weapons are a collectable in Hunt the Night. Weapons come in five types with four different elements, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Collecting all the weapons in the game will award the Relics of the Order achievement. On this page, weapons are broken down by type and sorted by element.

Image Description Notes
w_promise.png Promise

Damage 10

Vesper's favorite sword, given to her by her mother before she disappeared 25 years ago. Despite its age, the edge retains its sharpness.
Vesper's starting weapon. This will be equipped on the start of any New Game by default.
w_crimson_rose.png Crimson Rose

Damage 10, Hemokinesis 5%

A sword used in childhood by the warrior princess of the House of Blood. The blade reacts to the user's hemokinetic synchronization and absorbs vital energy from the wounds it inflicts.
Bowels of the Earth

In the pathway leading to the underground maze, with the switch that lights up the green flames, keep going across the pit to the right to find the chest with this weapon inside.
w_plagum_edge.png Plagum Edge

Damage 10, Plagum 15%

Mass-produced by the Apothecaries of Steel, the Plagum Edge is very effective against corrupted creatures. It incorporates a jet injector that filters Plagum onto a blade made of a lightweight, corrosion-resistant titanium alloy.

From the Velomere Crow Shrine, go right and down towards the water. The path will eventually curve back towards the left. A house stands at the end of this path; Plagum Edge is inside a chest on the second floor.
w_twilight.png Twilight

Damage 15

The handle looks like several hands trying to reach the shimmer of its edge, like the vestiges of a bright past engulfed in darkness.

After getting the Guest Room Key in Albion, the Aeviternal Realm, return to the second floor of the tavern in Ravenford and unlock the door on the left. This weapon is inside a chest in that room, next to a feather.
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