Sidequests in Hunt the Night usually involve helping out the inhabitants of this world, whether by hunting down some dangerous creatures of the Night or just helping the garden grow. This page will document how to progress each major sidequest in the game, and each one will make Vesper a little stronger, a little more resilient, and a little closer to getting all of the achievements in the game.

Finding the Crimson Chambers spread throughout Medhram will reward you with 10 additional health (one blood drop) each. Finding all four will also grant you the Legacy of the Sanguine achievement.

Image Description
cc_grimwood.png Follow the path down from the Grimwood Crow Shrine to the signpost, then go down and right towards the entrance to Velomere. Once you pass the red flowers, head up into the house. Inside the house, there's a door on the far right that leads into a cave. On the other end of that cave is a small monster gauntlet, but once you complete it, keep following the path towards another cave. Pass through that and the Crimson Chamber will be on the other end.
cc_velomere.png From the Velomere Crow Shrine, go right to the crow statue, up to the statue of Aleena, and right across the bridge. Hug the bottom wall of this area to find a tree hiding a dangling rope; jump down at the rope to enter a cave. Leave through the south exit of this cave to come to an area with several platforms over the water. The Crimson Chamber is over to the left.
cc_golden_meadows.png Head down from the Golden Meadows Crow Shrine towards the signpost, then go left towards the guard chamber. Keep going left from there to find some more purple platforms. Once you reach the one in the center, go up to find the Crimson Chamber.
cc_bloodisfell.png To enter this Crimson Chamber in the second area of Bloodisfell, you'll need a Rotten Eye from a chest in the top right corner, past some purple pools. Once you have the Rotten Eye, head back down along the right side of the river of blood to socket it into the entrance to the Chamber.
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