There aren't many shopkeepers in Hunt the Night, but of those who exist, they'll sell items you can't get anywhere else — and some that you could have gotten elsewhere, but can't get anymore.

MILO COLLINS, Deep Ravenford
Item Price Notes
Hunting Crossbow 1000 Noctilium
Purifier 1000 Noctilium If missed before the Devourer

Item Price Notes
Blood and Snow 20000 Noctilium
Longinus 28000 Noctilium
Hunting Crossbow 1000 Noctilium If missed before Adelram
Purifier 1000 Noctilium If missed before Adelram
Oakheart 15000 Noctilium
Retribution 15000 Noctilium
Salamander Suit 9000 Noctilium
Moonstone Power 25000 Noctilium

RUBI MALLEK, Ravenford
Item Price Notes
Vol'dat, Corrupted Mastermind 200 Noctilium Grimwood
Norvo, Leader of the Rotten 400 Noctilium Velomere
Scylass, the Silent Death 500 Noctilium Golden Meadows
Vilethorn 600 Noctilium Bowels of the Earth
Ishnet 700 Noctilium Velomere
Grunt, Leader of the Pack 800 Noctilium Aleena's Rest
Shalendra, the Twisted Innocence 900 Noctilium Ipharis, the Consumed Kingdom
Ba'zell, Chosen Nightbringer 1500 Noctilium Grimwood
Khorrax 2000 Noctilium Bloodisfell
Full Moon 5000 Noctilium Bloodisfell
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