Moonstones are a collectable in Hunt the Night. Moonstones can give buffs to all of Vesper's stats, and can also provide unique benefits that can't be found on any other piece of equipment in the game. Collecting all the moonstones in the game will award the Scholar of the Moon achievement. The moonstones are listed roughly in the order you would be able to find them over a normal playthrough of the game.

Image Description Notes
ms_hound.png Moonstone Hound

Nighthowl Damage Per Shot +3

Carving the Hound Glyph allows Stalkers to infuse their Nighthowl ammunition with dark energy, increasing their damage.
From the Crow Shrine in the Prologue, go up the stairs to the left, then into the first room along the top wall of the hallway you find yourself in. The chest with the moonstone is at the top of this room, next to the table.

If missed in the Prologue, this item will appear in a chest on the far left of Ravenford, in the Stalkers' training chamber.
ms_will.png Moonstone Will

Health +20

The Will Glyph acts as a pain inhibitor, allowing Stalkers to keep their focus during battle. This particular moonstone was made to provide enough resistance to infuse a crow feather before dying, even if severely injured.
From the Crow Shrine in the Prologue, go up the stairs to the right and keep going up from there. You'll find the chest in a run-down workshop at the top of a few flights of stairs.

If missed in the Prologue, this item will appear in a chest on the far left of Ravenford, in the Stalkers' training chamber.
ms_power.png Moonstone Power

Damage +4

The Power Glyph increases the bearer's adrenaline generation, sending more oxygen to the major muscles. Despite playing a vital role during hunts, this boost of strength has its risks, and can lead to serious injury or even death in some cases.
Available for purchase for 25,000 Noctilium at the shopkeeper in Ravenford.
ms_water.png Moonstone Water

Walking Speed +5%

On top of energizing the user's body, the Water Glyph also increases physical coordination, balance and psychomotor skills. In case of failure during a hunt or mission, the last Stalker usually carries this Moonstone to escape and keep the infused feathers safe.
Go down from the Grimwood Crow Shrine and cross the bridge to the left. At the crossroads, go down again; the chest with the moonstone is to the right, along the water.
ms_scavenger.png Moonstone Scavenger

10% Chance of Free Bullet Per Kill

Carving the Scavenger Glyph heightens the senses of the Stalker who bears it, allowing the user to find and recover live ammunition from dead bodies.
In Grimwood, follow the path down from the Crow Shrine to the bridge. Cross that bridge, then walk up to a house with a gate in front of it. Use one of your guns to shoot the gate open, enter the house, go to the second floor, and check the bookshelf to open the back door to the house. Outside, take another small stone path upward and you'll be able to go to the right, across the river. Jump down at the dangling rope on the other side to find a chest where this moonstone is being kept.
ms_punishment.png Moonstone Punishment

Revenge +15%

This Moonstone makes the Stalker's dark energy control more volatile, which causes darkness to burst from their own wounds, damaging enemies in the process. When a Murder knows that it will be on the front line during a challenging hunt, its Stalkers tend to bear the Punishment Glyph.
In Velomere, go all the way to the left from the Crow Shrine and use one of your subweapons to shoot open the gate of the house there. The moonstone is inside this heavily corrupted house, but you'll get ambushed while inside.
ms_reaper.png Moonstone Reaper

Noctilium Absorption +10% per kill

The Reaper glyph vastly increases the bearer's ability to sense and absorb the Noctilium around them. When the Noctilium reserve of the Court of the Insomnus is nearly depleted, carrying these Moonstones is decreed compulsory by the Order.
From the Velomere Crow Shrine, go immediately right and up into the closest house. Take the right door twice to end up in a room with a chest guarded by a monster gauntlet. After you win, you'll get the Room Key. Head back to the entrance of the house, then unlock the door to the left behind the barrels to find a woman who was taking refuge there. After she's done thanking you for saving her life, she'll gladly let you have the chest in here that contains the moonstone.
ms_decay.png Moonstone Decay

Plagum +5%

Created by the fallen Stalker Raine during the 4th Age, this cursed Glyph channels Drekha's energy to increase the toxicity of a weapon. Forced into exile after his defeat at the hands of Alexandra, Raine discovered the Aspect of the Hidden in the bowels of the Earth and swore revenge against the Order.
A small boy is stuck in the well in Velomere, and it's our job to get him out if we want this moonstone. To do that, from the Crow Shrine, go right to the crow statue, then up, then left at the statue of Aleena and find the door to the house across the bridge. Enter the house to find a note and a Loaf of Bread inside a chest.

Return to the crow statue in the center of Velomere and go to the house with the well. Interact with the well to give the boy your bread and he'll tell you to interact with a tree next to the nearby house. After you do that, go inside the house and the bookcase should have opened, revealing the path down into the well. Follow it down and the moonstone will be in a chest at the end.
ms_assassination.png Moonstone Assassination

Damage +2

Crafted by Melius Voss using the blood of his own son during the 4th Age, this profane Moonstone is forbidden until the last hours of the Moon, just before the complete arrival of the night.
This is in the Bowels of the Earth, and mercifully not in the underground maze this time. From the Crow Shrine, follow the corruption to the left and go into the cave. Follow the corruption there until it ends at the wall, then go left and down to follow a winding path that will take you to a dangling rope and the chest with this moonstone.
ms_precision.png Moonstone Precision

Hunting Crossbow Damage Per Shot +3

Normally gifted as a proof of courage when a young Stalker completes the "Nerish'afar", this Moonstone allows neophytes of the Order to infuse their recently acquired bolts with dark energy.
Go down and immediately right from the Aleena's Rest Crow Shrine to find a chest that holds this moonstone in a clearing.
ms_leech.png Moonstone Leech

Hemokinesis +5%

Crafted by the most expert Sanguine among the Stalkers, the Leech Glyph enhances the latent hemokinetic abilities of the Sanguine who bears it, increasing the blood absorbed with each inflicted wound.
This moonstone is in Aleena's Rest, but you'll have to follow a cave near the entrance of Ashdown Manor to get there. From the manor Crow Shrine, go directly to the right and you'll see a cave obscured by the leaves of a nearby tree. Go through the cave and jump down at the dangling rope to find a chest with this moonstone.
ms_purge.png Moonstone Purge

Purifier Damage Per Shot +10

The Purge Glyph makes the Purifier even deadlier, allowing each discharge of this relic weapon to pierce skin, muscle and bone.
Enter Ashdown Manor and cross the plagum gas on the far right of the main room of the first floor. You will not be able to access this if you haven't received the appropriate upgrade, also found in the manor.
ms_resistance.png Moonstone Resistance

Dark Energy Recovery +10

Carving the Resistance glyph on a Moonstone increases the concentration of the Stalker who bears it. Novice members of the Order tend to use it during their first battle, where they need to feel more confident.
In Ipharis, the Consumed Kingdom, go down from the Crow Shrine and slightly to the left until you find the temple with the white wyrm statue. (Inside, it's full of lava and grossly incandescent — that's how you'll know you've found the right one.) Dash from the bottom left corner of the platform with this temple to find a few more platforms, one of which has the chest with this moonstone.
ms_time.png Moonstone Time

CD Dark powers -5 seconds.

The Time Glyph was carved during the 3rd Age for the very first time by Krysalis, just before her disappearance. As soon as both came out naked from the Chamber of Truth, she and her brother were worshiped as Gods, as they had become taller, wiser and stronger than regular humans.
From the Bloodisfell Crow Shrine, go up the stairs and to the left, past the fountain of blood. The chest is guarded by a large knight.
ms_darkness.png Moonstone Darkness

Dark Power Damage +10

Adepts of Aleena are sometimes hired by the Stalkers to carve the Darkness Glyph on their Moonstones, which increases the bearer's dark energy control. Aleena and her adepts feel the Night as no other creature in Medhram can, and even consider it part of the natural process.
Starting at the bottom of the second area of Bloodisfell (with the river of blood), make your way all the way to the top right of the area, near a dangling rope that lets you drop down to ring a bell-bearing statue. The chest with this moonstone is tucked against the wall to the left and down from the top level of this dangling rope.
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