Dark Powers

Dark Powers are a collectable in Hunt the Night. Dark Powers offer additional damage, buffs, or summons to help Vesper in her fight against the Night and are often found after clearing a gauntlet of monsters. Collecting all the dark powers in the game will award the Daughter of Blood and Darkness achievement. The dark powers are listed roughly in the order you would be able to find them over a normal playthrough of the game.

Image Description Notes
dp_phantom_blades.png Phantom Blades

Damage 30. Cooldown 12 seconds.

These dark energy-infused blades spin around the user at high speed, tearing through nearby enemies. The supreme mastery of this dark technique granted Lilian Morris her famous nickname "Lady of the Knife".
After falling down to the lower level in the Prologue to land in front of the statue with the book, move down, left, and up to find the Dark Power in the form of a feather on the ground.

If this item is missed in the Prologue, it can be found in Velomere, near the Red Edge weapon chest. From the Crow Shrine, follow the path right, then up at the crow statue, then right again at the statue of Aleena. Hug the bottom wall to find a dangling rope above a cave; drop down here and take the exit on the left side of the cave. Phantom Blades will be sitting at the foot of a monument to your right.
dp_devastation.png Devastation

Damage 70. Cooldown 40 seconds.

The most virtuous Stalkers can use their bare hands to expel an extremely destructive wave of dark energy capable of shredding even the toughest armor.
After the Devourer knocks you down into the pit in the Prologue, return to that area. You can dash across the pit at the lowest part of it, which is just close enough to the other side that Vesper can make it. The Dark Power is on the other side of the pit.

If this item is missed in the Prologue, it can be found in Grimwood, along the path behind the gated house. Shoot the gate open with a subweapon, then walk through, up to the second floor, out the back entrance, and along the path that takes you across the river. This Dark Power is found at the foot of a shrine just past the river.
dp_dark_void.png Dark Void

Summons a devastating dark orb in the direction Vesper is facing. Damage 20. Cooldown 15 seconds.

After manifesting a concentrated amount of dark energy in the palm of their hands, Stalkers can create a small void made of Night that will severely damage all enemies in its way.
From the Crow Shrine in Grimwood, go down, left (across the bridge), and up to the gated house. Shoot the gate open with one of your guns, then go into the house, to the second floor, and through the secret door in the back wall. (Check the bookcase to open it.) Go right to find a crypt in front of a dangling rope. Enter the crypt and conquer the monster gauntlet to win Dark Void.
dp_hemokinesis.png Hemokinesis

Damages enemies around Vesper while healing her. Damage 30. Hemokinesis 100%. Cooldown 50 seconds.

Due to her Sanguine heritage, Vesper can use hemokinesis. This ability allows her to control blood as a life-draining tide that can both heal her and damage enemies nearby.
This dark power is in Golden Meadows, but you'll have to get there from the underground maze in Bowels of the Earth. Once you find the candlelit passage leading you out of the underground maze, keep going down, then go left across several pits until you're forced to go up. You should see some golden spikes sticking out of the ground. Smash them, then walk up to the wall behind where they were and interact with it. This will open a secret door leading to an elevator, which will take you to a crypt in Golden Meadows. Beat the monster gauntlet inside to win this Dark Power.

Hemokinesis will heal Vesper for the same amount of damage it deals, rounded to the nearest whole number. Usually it only has a small percent chance of activating, but the Dark Power will activate 100% of the time. Since it hits three times, that means that enemies will take 90 damage — and Vesper will heal 90 health. This is a very valuable Dark Power to have, especially in the early game when healing isn't as powerful.
dp_summon_crow.png Summon Crow

Hemokinesis increases by 20% for 5 seconds. Cooldown 40 seconds.

Sanguine descendants with developed hemokinetic abilities tend to attract the attention of bats and other blood feeding creatures. In some cases, the creatures' presence can boost hemokinesis effectiveness, increasing healing potency for a short period of time.
On the far left of Grimwood, there's a cave tucked away just north of the exit to Golden Meadows. Once you have the ability to cross plagum gas with Umbra, after visiting Ashdown Manor, head into this cave. Shoot your way across the platforms and cross the gas, and you'll find Summon Crow on a table in the next room.
dp_summon_crumbs.png Summon Crumbs

Reduces the amount of hits needed to generate a bullet to 2 hits for 10 seconds. Cooldown 40 seconds.

After the death of Jonathan Malleck, Crumbs saw Vesper as her adoptive mother. Obeying only her call, the albino crow will quickly search the battlefield for ammo when Vesper is in need.
You'll find this summon along the main path in Apothecaries Excavation, but for it to appear, you will need at least one of two key items in your inventory.

One option is the Loaf of Bread, found in Velomere. From the Crow Shrine, go right to the crow statue, then up, then left at the statue of Aleena and find the door to the house across the bridge. Enter the house to find a note and a Loaf of Bread inside a chest.

The other option is Bread Crumbs, inside one of the caves in Bowels of the Earth. From that Crow Shrine, follow the corruption down and to the right, then hug the lower wall until you dash over a pit. Walk up from the other side of the pit to find a cluster of golden spikes; smash through them and hit the switch underneath. This will bring down a barrier at the top of the room, so head up there and interact with the wall to open a secret passage. Open the chest here to get Bread Crumbs.

Whichever one you pick, return back to Apothecaries Excavation. In the second room (where you have to shoot eyeballs to make platforms), you'll see Malleck's corpse near the entrance. Interact with his body to get this Dark Power.
dp_summon_noctilius.png Summon Noctilius

Burn damage applied to the next hits for 5 seconds. Cooldown 20 seconds.

Due to their synergy with the Night, Stalkers can bend the wills of less intelligent dark creatures and enlist their help on critical hunts.
You might have noticed, back in that cave in Grimwood with Summon Crow, that there was another path off to the left side. Once you've gotten the ability to teleport Umbra over certain pits from Ipharis, the Consumed Kingdom, head back to this cave and follow that path left and up. You'll find this Dark Power resting there, waiting for you to claim it.
dp_balance.png Balance

Increases damage per hit by 5 for 5 seconds. Cooldown 40 seconds.

As a balanced part of the cycle, Vesper and Umbra can sometimes enhance their synergy. When this happens, Day and Night act together as a unified force of nature that none have ever witnessed before.
In the second area of Bloodisfell (with the massive river of blood), go right along the south wall and use Umbra to teleport across the river. Keep going right along the south wall until you run into a crypt. Defeat the monster gauntlet inside and win this Dark Power.
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