Combat Suits

Combat Suits are a collectable in Hunt the Night. Combat Suits will enhance Vesper's stats or give her other benefits in battle, and are usually rewards for completing some of the game's larger puzzles. Collecting all the combat suits in the game will award the Dressed for Battle achievement. The combat suits are listed roughly in the order you would be able to find them over a normal playthrough of the game.

Image Description Notes
suit_vesper's_suit.png Vesper's Suit

Health +10

Vesper earned her childhood nickname, "Pale Cat", thanks to her agility and fast reflexes. In exchange for superior protection, this suit allows her to move more freely during combat.
Vesper's starting suit. This will be equipped on the start of any New Game by default.
suit_oakheart.png Oakheart

Health +20

This studded leather corset boasts superior durability, allowing the wearer to withstand otherwise deadly attacks.
Available for purchase for 15,000 Noctilium at the shopkeeper in Ravenford.
suit_retribution.png Retribution

10% chance of auto burst attack when damaged.

This suit releases a burst of dark energy when hit with a strong impact. As Stalkers believe that their own life is far less important than the preservation of knowledge, they are not afraid to sacrifice themselves in order to hopefully save even more lives in the long run.
Available for purchase for 15,000 Noctilium at the shopkeeper in Ravenford.
suit_salamander_suit.png Salamander Suit

Nullifies burn damage.

This combat suit is insulated with glass wool, making the wearer immune to burns. Despite being very expensive to produce, these combat suits play a critical role on hunts that involve dark creatures capable of generating fire.
Available for purchase for 9,000 Noctilium at the shopkeeper in Ravenford.

Burn damage is equal to 50 damage — 10 points of damage (one blood drop) five times. It can't be interrupted once it's started ticking, so preventing it is a good idea if you think you'll run into it. It's a common damage type in Ipharis, the Consumed Kingdom.
suit_phantom_suit.png Phantom Suit

10% chance to absorb incoming damage.

The Phantom combat suit adapts perfectly to body shape and emanates darkness. It also projects a shadow copy of its wearer in order to trick enemies and make them miss their target.
Located in a crypt on the far left side of Golden Meadows. To open this crypt, you will need to collect Marked Skull I and Marked Skull II from elsewhere in the Meadows.

Marked Skull I is in a chest outside of a run-down house in the bottom right corner of the Meadows. Go to the entrance to the Bowels of the Earth and keep going right, using Umbra to cross over the swamp. Go north from there to find the house and the chest.

Marked Skull II is inside of a cave in the bottom left of the Meadows. From the Crow Shrine, go south to the signpost, then left across the purple floor. Go left past the entrance to the guard temple, then up to the large platform in the middle of the swamp. The cave is to the right of that platform.

There is no visual indicator of the Phantom Suit's effect activating. When it does, it will prevent all incoming damage from the attack that activated it.
suit_decimator.png Decimator

Grenades +2

After the success of the Plagum Research Project, some of the Stalkers' Plagum arsenals were expanded. due to its initial volatility, this type of combat suit has extra security measures implemented to safely carry a higher amount of Plagum.
This suit is the reward for completing Isaac Harkon's sidequest, which starts in his workshop in Ravenford.

Get the User Level-I Laboratory Key from Zylax, Isaac's companion, and use it to open the lab in the bottom left of Grimwood. From the Crow Shrine, go down to the signpost, down the ramp, and behind the lamppost on the left to access the area with the laboratory. Pick up Amalgam of Corruption I and return to Zylax to get User Level-II Laboratory Key.

The second lab is in Velomere. From the Crow Shrine, go right, then go up at the crow statue, then right at the statue of Aleena. Keep going right to find the area with the laboratory. Pick up Amalgam of Corruption II and return to Zylax to get User Level-III Laboratory Key.

The final lab is in Golden Meadows. From the Crow Shrine, use Umbra to travel across the swamp and teleport to a platform underneath a dangling rope. Use Umbra again to go right and up to get to the laboratory. Pick up Amalgam of Corruption III and return to Zylax to get both the Decimator suit and the Seeker of Progress achievement.
suit_reaper_suit.png Reaper Suit

Noctilium absorption +20% per kill.

The Reaper combat suit has handmade filters that collect even more Noctilium when a dark creature is murdered. This plays a vital role for the Stalkers, as the Court of the Insomnus use Noctilium as fuel for their predictions when identifying potential threats to human existence.
Though this suit is found in Grimwood, you will need an item from Aleena's Rest to obtain it.

From the Aleena's Rest Crow Shrine, go up along the path past the second set of crow statues. Keep going up past Beatrice (or the mess she left behind) until you see four barrels blocking a cave. Break through and find the White Seashell in a chest there.

With seashell in hand, return to Grimwood and go back to where the first laboratory was, in the bottom left corner of the map. Go up a small set of ramps above the lab to enter a house. Speak to the character inside to give him the White Seashell; after the scene, go through the door to find the suit in the chest.
suit_tamer_of_virulence.png Tamer of Virulence

Nullifies poison damage.

During the Purge of the bowels of the Earth, the Stalkers of the 4th Age developed combat suits that cleansed their bodies of toxins released from the Drekhara and other Night creatures. After Alexandra's victory, these suits fell out of fashion.
Found in a chest along the main path of Apothecaries Excavation.

Poison damage is equal to 25 damage — 5 points of damage (half a blood drop) five times. It can't be interrupted once it's started ticking, so preventing it is a good idea if you think you'll run into it. It's most common in Bowels of the Earth, an area that you'll be finished with before you're able to get this suit, but poison is still a common damage type throughout the rest of the game.
suit_polaris.png Polaris

Immediately restores 5 Health upon death. Recharges at Crow Shrines.

Fueled by the energy of the brightest star in the universe, this unique combat suit allows the wearer to gain a burst of energy when near death, turning them into an avatar of vengeance bearing the fury of mankind as they rise to face the Night once more.
This suit is found behind a puzzle door in Bloodisfell. To open it, search the first area (before the place with the massive river of blood) to find six white birds nesting in trees or on benches. Go up to each one and interact with them to make them fly back to their roosts in the upper right corner of the area. Once you've returned all six, the door will open and this suit will be in a chest inside.
suit_stalker's_suit.png Stalker's Suit

Damage +3

Perfectly balanced and capable of channeling the dark energy of the wearer, the Stalker combat suit design has remained practically the same since the foundation of the order in the 1st Age of mankind. The feather infused with the secrets of its design is always the first one to be placed on the feather cloak.
This treasure of the library on the far right edge of Velomere will send you on a quest throughout the world just to get your hands on it. You'll need four books to open up the door.

The First Age, Part I is in Golden Meadows. Go up from the Crow Shrine and through the stone wall on the right to follow the path around. Jump down to the lower level, then follow the path down from the red eye to find the chest with the book.

The First Age, Part II is in the upper left corner of the underground maze in Bowels of the Earth. From where you drop down, go left and up until you start having to dash across pits. (Look for the monster shooting purple orbs at you.) Circle around that path to find the book in a chest.

The First Age, Part III is on a platform south of the corrupted temple in Ipharis, the Consumed Kingdom. From the crow statue, make your way right to the corrupted temple. Dash down from the bottom left edge of that platform to land on a platform with a chest and a tree; the book is inside the chest.

The First Age, Part IV is in the first area of Bloodisfell. Go up and left from the crow statue to find a staircase with two benches and a dead tree. The last book is inside a chest here.
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