There are 22 achievements in Hunt the Night. Most of these achievements will be unlocked through story progression, but some will require searching through crypts, hunting beasts, and helping out some of the people in Ravenford. Hidden achievements have been listed in a separate tab.

Icon Name Text
stalker%20of%20the%209th%20age.png Stalker of the 9th Age Complete all Hunts.
relics%20of%20the%20order.png Relics of the Order Collect all Weapons.
a%20kind%20heart.png A Kind Heart Improve Dalia's garden twice.
knowledge%20is%20power.png Knowledge is Power Collect all Feathers.
scholar%20of%20the%20moon.png Scholar of the Moon Collect all Moonstones.
seeker%20of%20progress.png Seeker of Progress Improve Isaac Harkon's workshop three times.
dressed%20for%20battle.png Dressed for Battle Collect all Combat Suits.
legacy%20of%20the%20sanguine.png Legacy of the Sanguine Find all the Crimson Chambers.
daughter%20of%20blood%20and%20darkness.png Daughter of Blood and Darkness Collect all Dark Powers.
evening%20star.png Evening Star Collected all trophies.
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