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Play as Vesper, a virtuous member of The Stalkers, and explore the vast world of Medhram, filled with ruins and horrors. Discover the Night’s corruption that has annihilated humanity over and over and fight to stop it.

Hunt the Night is a 2023 video game created by Moonlight Games. In the ninth age of humanity, Vesper Blackbone has the potential to change the eternal cycle of Day and Night that leads to humanity's inevitable destruction. Not everyone in Medhram agrees that the cycle should change, though, and Vesper's enemies may come from closer than she expects. As you explore a world forever changed by the cycle that Vesper hopes to disrupt, you'll have the chance to learn from Stalkers who have come before you and benefit from their experience. Of course, that information is spread to every corner of Medhram, so maybe the Stalkers could have benefitted from a wiki.

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